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French Inspired. Detroit Built.

An Exclusive Boutique Luxury Brand Crafting Fine Bespoke Collections For People of Distinction

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Inspired Bespoke Sport Bag 2020 *Click Photo To Learn More*
Italian Racing Inspired Duffle Bag made with Italian Buttero Leathers. *Click Photo To Learn More*

Luxury Handbags

All handbags are bespoke, one of a kind and handcrafted with the finest American alligator, or European leathers and premium hardware.

Bespoke Wine Accessories

From wine tasting journals to exquisite wine carriers, we built wine accessory many people own and love. You can always treat yourself to one or have one built or the hard to please connoisseur in your life.

Exotic Travel & Handbags

An exotic handbag or travel bag is considered an heirloom, needs to be cherished and with proper care, can be handed down to the next generation. A Beau Satchelle Exotic Handbag, is not only an heirloom, it is made exclusively for you, your style and your lifestyle.

Executive Briefcases & Attaches

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What is Bespoke ?

Bespoke is specific and unique to an individuals measurements and needs.  Bespoke originally started off and still exist with custom suits where as a Master Tailor sets an appointment with their client to built a suit from scratch or ‘custom made’.  This process is performed in several stages and can take a month or more to complete.  Today, bespoke has taken off into many aspects in the luxury world, including food and travel.  We remain respectful of this word and its origin by being true to the art of the ‘saddle stitch’ and keeping it in our repertoire.

Do you really hand-stitch all of your products ?

Yes, we handcraft all of our luxury goods by hand-stitching each and every piece with a traditional method called ‘The Saddle Stitch’.  This is our way of retaining a time honored craft while elevating our craftsmanship; keeping it relevant using the best leathers and exotic skins available and building heirloom products to accommodate our most discerning and sophisticated client’s needs.

What is your Bespoke making process ?

We start with a consultation to understand the use of the client’s particular luxury piece.  Then, we start to evaluate specific needs and offer suggestions.  Many of our clients have asked for a statement piece, while others ask for a multi-use handbag or tote.  And, there are the professionals who want a business case to handle the essentials of their daily and overwhelming workload.  The options are endless.
Specifications Include: size, shape, weight, products it will carry, the exterior and interior leathers and colors, and hardware for functionality
Our bespoke options may include a charging station for an iPad, tablet or smartphone(s), laptop and smartphone pockets, business card and pen holders along with personalized embossed or embroidered initials; boldly or conspicuously on the client’s prized possession.  From design to the finished product, we take the client from A-Z when it comes to creating their next bespoke leather or exotic luxury good.  This is Beau Satchelle’s way of providing quality bespoke craftsmanship with beauty and functionality. 
*Please Note:  There are far more steps in the production process.  We want to give our clients a general idea of how we initiate our plan of action when it relates to information gathering and building bespoke.  However, we don’t want to bombard anyone with all the details.  Leave that to us, sit back with anticipation and be amazed with the finished product we create from raw materials and ship to its’ final destination.

Can you make a bag like designer 'X' ?

No, we create original works; design and build a customized luxury piece based on your personality, style and needs.  It is important we use our designers’ inspiration to build bespoke products that fulfill our client requests; not copy from other designers.

How long will it take to make my Bespoke product ?

Bespoke takes time.  Production time for a bespoke luxury good will vary based on size, design intricacies and degree of difficulty.  However, an average sized handbag can take anywhere from 25 and up to 40 hours.  We keep the client updated throughout the process with phase1, 2 and finished product photographs sent via email.  Thus, the reason a 4-6 week wait time is needed (and even longer during peak seasons).  For this, we appreciate our client’s patience and trusting our process.