Our Commitment

You’re a doer, yet a dreamer. You’re a romantic and a realist at the same time. You prize tradition, but you’re a thoroughly modern, jet-set explorer, and you’re excited to take in all the world has to offer. 
At Beau Satchelle, we’re right there with you. 
If you’ve made your way to our website, you’re likely in search of something special. Something that is classic with a modern twist, one-of-a-kind, and that you won’t find on fifty other people walking down the street – you know, something that is uniquely you.
At Beau Satchelle, we understand. 
We are artisan luxury goods crafters who think the same way you do. Each bespoke premium leather and exotic good – handbag, travel bag, luggage, satchel, soft-sided briefcase, backpack, attacheˊ, clutch, messenger bag, journal and connoisseur specialty – is made to accompany you on your adventures. Our products are handcrafted in our luxury design studio in Metro Detroit, Michigan with love, passion, care and attention to the detail. It’s something we live by, and how we chose our name. After all, Beau Satchelle means Beautiful Handbag or Satchel in French.
Our bespoke luxuries make a statement and stand the test of time.
Designed from imagination, nature and French influence, our luxury bags and accessories are instant classics. They make sure everyone knows you’re a force to be reckoned with. Those who carry Beau Satchelle are discerning. They’re confident. They appreciate the finer things that life has to offer.
Beau Satchelle high quality bespoke luxury goods are tailored to you, your tastes and your lifestyle. They are made with the finest of leathers and exotic skins to satisfy the most discerning taste. We use ‘No Machines’ and only hand-tools to create every bespoke piece, one-at-at-time with thousands and thousands of hand-stitches put into years of artisan mastery.
Our bespoke products are never outsourced to other countries, but made by our master craftsman right here in the USA to become your luxurious, yet functional companions for an adventure that is your life. We know you will choose your companions carefully, and will do everything in our power to make sure it meets your standards. Our signature travel luggage, which has ethically sourced leathers and exotic skins; featuring the softest leather interiors, are built to last. Unlike many modern mass produced goods, our leather products actually get better with age; an heirloom to hand down from one generation to the next.
We take pride in our work because it’s what we love and live for. Our in-house master artisan, T. Michael, takes a piece of raw material, and with his imagination and vision, then with his hands, it becomes something beautiful. The finished piece isn’t just a bag – it’s a labor of love and the culmination of thousands of hours of skilled craftsmanship.
As a boutique luxury business, building a lifestyle brand, we care. We consider ourselves blessed when you trust us with your style and your traveling companion. It goes beyond referrals and word of mouth – although we do rely on those as well – for us, it’s about doing something we are passionate about, and our desire to be the best at it. That’s something bloggers, reviewers, and our US Brand Ambassador, Grace, have all discovered about Beau Satchelle; we are dedicated to being a part of the adventure that is your life and your lifestyle.