Beau Satchelle Featured Online and Print Articles

The Beau Diamond Epi Bespoke Handbag

North American Brand Ambassador Grace Liang, showcasing and posting about her latest bespoke luxury handbag.

Customizing My Life with Beau Satchelle Bespoke Luxury Handbags

After a series of bespoke handbags by Beau Satchelle Grace decided to write about her life with our luxury products.

Genuine Python Clutch Purse from Beau Satchelle

This luxury clutch purse called the 'Ava' was custom built to accommodate our US Brand Ambassador Grace's essentials when traveling light.

Custom Made Tiger Hat Box Style Handbag from Beau Satchelle

This is another leather luxury creation for our US. Brand Ambassador Grace. She took it on her trip to Paris, France.

Making A Brand -Beau Satchelle- USA

Featured in Stalletto Magazine, Ava, asked to profile us and we have an article in the print version their magazine.

Beau Satchelle Handbags

After a photoshoot with Brittney, she decided to write an article about or luxury handbags. Meet Bedazzled Britt.

A Guide For Choosing The Perfect Clutch with Beau Satchelle

We created a Bespoke Clutch for our US. Brand Ambassador and named it after her 'Grace'.

A Partnership of Passion: Beau Satchelle

The collaboration with Doris Hobbs led to a featured interview with her for VRAI magazine.

The Construction of Luxury with Beau Satchelle

We collaborated with Doris Hobbs for a photoshoot with our Regina Classic Bespoke Handbag in black Kidskin.

Beau Satchelle Offers Grace Liang US. Brand Ambassadorship

With such good taste and being a true fan of our brand, we decided to offer Grace the opportunity to be our Brand Ambassador.

Our Second Interview with Grace Liang

This is the continuation from the 1st interview with Grace Liang, CEO of Color and Grace.

Our First Interview with Grace Liang

After spending some time with the yellow Michelle Handbag, Grace decided to interview us for a 2 part session and this is number 1.

An Overview on Our 1st. French Leather Handbag with Grace Liang, CEO At Color And Grace

A featured article based on our tribute to the Michelle Bespoke Handbag; our first French handbag paying homage to the First Lady.

Charity Event Ad. With Detroit Uncorked

We participated in an annual charity event 'Detroit Uncorked' with Detroit Wine Organization and Gleaners Community Food Bank.

Interview With Luxury Travel Diary -London, England

This was our very first interview in 2016 with Luxury Travel Diary; London, England. Titled 'Handbags Made With Love'.