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 The year was 2014 when fate would cleverly play her hand with me and my partner/ co-founder T. Michael, to first have a conversation, followed by a series of committed actions and finally a decision that would forever change our lives. That one conversation was about his desire to try his leather belt making skills, creating my very first designed, hand sewn handbag. This resulted in a launch into action and an unwavering dedication to a year of learning Old World European techniques of saddle-stitching by way of books, You Tube videos and mentoring from Master Leather Artisans in the US, England and France; this method involves skillful hands, two needles, waxed thread , pieces of premium leathers hand punched with tiny holes for guiding the needles. In 2016, after thousands upon thousands of stitches, producing products for our family and friends, along with constant feedback from leather artisan teachers and business mentors, a decision was made, to formally launch Beau Satchelle – “Beautiful Bags” to a discriminating public.
 Our partnership is rooted from an urban upbringing and a diverse collection of life experiences; yet we both were drawn to celebrating perfection in all its glory whether designed and constructed by nature or manmade. Our backgrounds combined include engineering, design, sales and marketing in which prepared us to present timeless heirloom bespoke leather travel and handbags, luxury enthusiast exotic gifts and connoisseur specialties for the home. Our personal values contributed to Beau Satchelle’s foundation to be inspired and respectful of the work centuries old techniques displayed of leather artisan when developing our own designed hand sewn products using T. Michael’s ever evolving craftsmanship. Our values also guide us to conduct impeccable personalized service with our clients who participate in the design process of their custom pieces.
Welcome to Beau Satchelle. I invite you to explore our website and enjoy our expanding collection both past and present. If a particular luxury product speaks to your heart, it will be our honor to create you a personalized bespoke luxury masterpiece.
French Inspired. Detroit Built.
April “AJ” Bayles
Co-founder / CEO
Beau Satchelle, LLC